Monday, April 18, 2011

Jet Lagged in Brooklyn

I'm back from Hawaii and it was an amazing, amazing trip.  Even so, it felt nice to be back in our little apartment today, putzing around and unpacking (ie catching up on my shows, my precious shows.)  We left Maui at 1PM yesterday and after a quick layover in LA, landed in Newark around 6 AM this morning.  The flight was bearable and totally worth it, but with a six hour time difference between NY and HI, the mister and I were in a complete fog by the time we got home.  As opposed to right now when we are WIDE AWAKE.  I have a feeling that my 7:30 AM wake up call is going to be pretty rough tomorrow.  I've got lots of updates for you guys on the trip this week, but right now I plan to indulge in a little online shopping until sleepiness sets in.  Coming back from travels always sets off the shopping bug in me. Loving these leopard pumps from Victoria's Secret, but I think know that a 5" heel is a little high for me. So, I'm not getting them.  But maybe someone whose commute doesn't involve subway balancing may want to indulge?
P.S. Coming out of vacation I've decided to adopt a stress-free and healthy lifestyle starting tomorrow (wink, wink, whaddya think?)

Want these in leopard but they are too high for NYC commuting!

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