Friday, April 8, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

My Dad and I on our last beach vacation.
The lady likes her beer in a glass.
Yes, I go on a lot of family vacations, so what?
It's almost Hawaii time!  The mister and I leave for a week-long trip with my dad and stepmom soon and I don't think I have ever been so in need of a vacation. Now, I know I've said this many times before, but things have been a little intense lately.  Work stress, plus a delayed spring, plus horrible allergies, plus the fact that I fell getting out of the shower last Saturday and have been walking around the whole week looking like I got punched in the mouth (a week involving three client meetings and standing up in front of large groups of people) has left me feeling a little worse for the wear.  I've been so worried about Alyssa riding that bike (Cyber Clops or whatever it's called) all over Manhattan, yet I can't manage to stay uninjured in my own house. Lyss is gaining street cred while I am losing "house cred" - and that is my best cred!!!

To be honest, I still see one major hurdle to getting to Hawaii and that is the flight.  I haven't yet taken the time to figure out the exact length with the time change but I think it is like 12 hours or something.  Flying is not my favorite thing to do because I don't love being in the air (really a more recent phobia, for no apparent reason).  But, I have always loved the journey, the process of traveling somewhere.  I think this stems from our epic family car trips to Florida every summer.  I would sit in the back of our Winnebago with stacks of fashion magazines and plan and re-plan my grand entrance for the first day of school.  
I am hoping this long flight will be okay for two reasons:

1.  I can literally sit and stare out the window daydreaming and making BIG PLANS for myself probably for about a good 5 hours without getting bored.  And I can justify it because I am traveling somewhere.  I am on my way and making progress without even doing anything!  Should I be doing the dishes, or exercising right now instead of looking out the window?  Nope, not even possible.  I love that feeling.

2.  I would relish the opportunity to sit on the couch all day and watch TV and movies, not that I have that kind of opportunity anymore.  Oh, how I wish I wasn't like this!  As long as that little TV is in the back of the chair in front of me, I am good to go.  Not to brag, but I could probably do 15 hours if I get in the zone.  

When I get back from Hawaii, I hopefully will have lots of great pics (and maybe video, oooh) to share.  And since my dad and Mag will be there, I'll have someone else besides my beleaguered husband to take some cute pics of me.

See ya soon, cuties!


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