Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Whistle

my hands are getting chubbbby...

I might start sitting down for all my pictures now.  Yes, that's where we are.

Happy Birthday to meee!  Yesterday was my birthday.  Had to go to work but left a little early so that I could meet up with Lyss for mani/pedis and then we met up with the mister for dinner.  I got some great birthday presents this year (not that that's what it's all about).  My dad got me a distressed leather watch (see above) and the mister got me a whistle to wear around my neck "just in case I need anything from him."  I'm not sure if it was just a symbolic gesture but I'm taking it pretty seriously.  "tweeeet, time to come watch x factor with me"..."tweeet, time to take off my socks!"  Looks like it could be a long 4 months for both of us ;)


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