Friday, October 21, 2011

Rules for Baby Naming

Guess what? I got this sweater at the Wildwood Delias sample sale too!  I'm a mess. 

Hi Cuties,
Mister E and I are making some serious name progress tonight.  We made it all the way through the baby book and now we are onto the short list!  I'm finding it rather challenging to find a good boy name.  I have a million girl names I like, but no boy names. 

Ten Rules for name picking:
1.  Remember, this is for life.  
2.  Make sure first name goes with last name and initials are not awkward for child, like P.M.S.
3.  You will say the name a million times so make sure it rolls off the tongue, is not hard to pronounce, or a name you will feel ridiculous saying.
4.  Name can not be the same as anyone you currently interact with on a daily basis unless you want them to think you named your baby after them.
5.  Name can not be the same as any exes or family members.
6.  Name can not be the same as any other kids you know, even if they are only children of acquaintances.
7.  Name can not be too trendy.  A la the suddenly uber trendy, Mason.  (This one is a bit tricky to predict.  What if Beyonce and I choose the same name? Probable.  Or worse, Hillary Duff?  Tragedy.)
8.  Do not name baby after somebody that someone else will probably want to name their kid after without asking.  
9.  Baby's parents must both love name.  Either parent has veto power over any name at any time.
10. Don't think the baby is trying to tell you something if he kicks when you read a certain name out loud from the baby book, like Ezekiel.  It probably doesn't mean anything.  Babies don't name themselves. 

Just counted up the shortlist and we are at 39, so we still have a long way to go!  This isn't easy - thank goodness we have 4 more months!

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