Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big News

Holding your stomach lets people know that there is a baby in there!  Unfortunately, this has NOT been working on the subway.

Hi Cuties,
I know, I know it's been a little while.  But I have some very exciting news to share.  The mister and I are expecting a little bundle of joy!  We are so happy and have been so busy moving to a bigger apartment and planning for our special arrival (and I've been doing a lot of resting :).

I am about twenty weeks, or so we thought until yesterday when we had our second anatomy sonogram, at which point the doctor informed us that he thought our due date might actually be ten days later than what we had been working with (Feb 19).  Let me tell you, this is not music to a pregnant lady's ears.  Especially one who has been crossing off every single day and tracking her weight gain on a little chart.  Until now, every time someone tells me I'm barely showing I've smiled modestly, but now, NOW, we all know it is because I am really two weeks less pregnant than I thought I was.  Also, ALSO, that would make our due date on Feb. 29...a leap year.  This is actually good news because if the baby is born on a leap year it will save us a lot of money on birthday presents, parties and the like.  Fingers crossed, kiddos!

So, I'm going to try to make a comeback on the blog.  I'm sure my followers will love to hear about the daily ups and downs of pregnancy and check out my super cute (Ha) daily maternity outfits.

One more piece of's a boy!  And to our sweet baby boy, if you are ever reading this, know that we can't wait to meet you.


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