Monday, October 17, 2011


Today I had two doctor appointments in one day.  I am way over these doctor appointments because they take FOREVER.  Lots of waiting around but it is all worth it to hear five seconds of baby heartbeat.  And, because I had to leave work early, I had to bring work home again.  I know I should be good at doing work at home by now, but I just find it impossible to concentrate with so many distractions.  I even did a load of laundry tonight.
This week, getting dressed has once again become a challenge.  I want to wear cute tight clothing to show off the bump, but the bump is so lumpy! It is a blump.  Nobody told me it would be like this (or maybe it is only like this for me? Hmm.)  The shirt in the pic above is just a non-maternity GAP tank top but it really needs a good pair of skinny jeans to go with it and some high heeled boots.  I just can't bring myself to spend $170 dollars on a pair of maternity designer jeans.   So instead I bought three pairs of non-designer jeans that are all just eh.  Obviously a well thought out solution.   I think the key to maternity fashion happiness is to try harder.  So maybe I'll do that, starting tomorrow.
PS. I know what you're thinking, my boobs are huge.  

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