Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hope everyone is enjoying their week.  Mine has been a little work intensive so far for my tastes, and I am tired. I've noticed my hormones seem to get the best of me around lunch time and work stress seems to magically intensify itself times a million.  It is pretty easy to annoy me right now.  Fun times!  I think I need to chill a little bit or I am going to drive my office mates crazy. It's hard to put into words just how excited I was to get home tonight and watch Real Housewives.  I can't wait until me and my little baby can watch all of "mommy's shows" together.  If only All My Children was still around, we could kick it old school.  That's what I used to watch with my mommy.

PS Is anyone watching Real Housewives?  How painfully hard to watch is this show this season?  That Kim Richards is something else, am I right?

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