Monday, October 10, 2011

Pack and Plays and TGIFridays

Hi Cuties,
Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.  The mister and I spent a lot of time cleaning out the nursery which had become a storage area for all our remaining boxes from the move.  I am still horrified by how much stuff we've accumulated through the years, and by how much more stuff we're about to accumulate!  Tonight, we went to Babies R' Us to check out pack and plays.  We're pretty much winging it here.  There is so much STUFF we have to get - lots of decisions in the coming months.  After we (did not) made a decision on a pack and play, we ambled on over to the TGIFridays at Union Square.   I know it's wrong.  But how can something so wrong feel so right?  The good news is after checking out the calories on the menu, we will not be making a repeat appearance. Even pregnant, we will not be making a repeat appearance.  
Hope your dinners were healthier than ours!

Baby Update:
Inspired by the recent hot celeb baby name, "Bear", tonight Erik suggested we name the baby...wait for it... "Otter"!  I'm not quite sure if he's serious yet.  Guess you'll find out in four months!

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