Tuesday, December 27, 2011

55 More Days!

Hi Cuties,
Hope you all enjoyed the holidays.  Sorry for the absence of posts.  The last week was a rough one, pregnancy wise.  I am really starting to feel exhausted.  Today I started a little countdown to the big day and realized I still had 55 days to go (approximately, but of course.)  55 kind of sounds like a lot.  Not when I'm thinking in terms of all the things we have left to do (basically, everything.)  But in terms of the way I've been feeling lately, yikes, 55 seems like a long time.  
The mister and I had a great whirlwind holiday though visiting with our families.  Still hoping to get a lot of baby stuff done this week and save up some energy for a crazy month at work.  This is it - the final stretch!

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