Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Dinner

Hi Cuties,
Tell me, how is it possible that this weekend is already over?  Next week should be a super intense week at work, and I am having a tough time gearing up for it tonight, as I know I am going to have to move several other things to the back burner (things that at this point really can not be moved to the back burner, like christmas shopping.)  I still can't believe the baby will be here so soon - I've officially moved past the thirty week mark and it is freaking me out!  
This weekend the mister and I did a little bit of maternity shopping and a lot of prepping for tonight, Alyssa's birthday dinner.   My parents drove up from PA and we cooked everyone dinner.  Cooking dinner for five people probably shouldn't be that big of a deal.  After all, my mom used to do it every night.  But, somehow for us it was a two day extravaganza of shopping, cooking, and cleaning, and turning the kitchen upside down in the process. I don't think we impressed anyone with our graceful hosting tonight as we frantically tried to prepare everything to be ready at the same time.  Maybe it's a sign that we should cook more often, or maybe we (I) tend to overcomplicate things.  It was nice to see the family though and we spent some time sitting around talking about the baby, which was exciting and something I wish we spent more time doing.  Sometimes it still doesn't seem real, if that is even possible with my rapidly expanding waist line.  I really want to enjoy these last two months of pregnancy and start focusing on the arrival of our little guy, with less distraction from other things! 

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