Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Tree Takeover

This weekend, this mister and I were supposed to pick up the car, but apparently, Toyota doesn't really need our money because they have been giving us quite the runaround.  Instead of ranting about it, I will just tell you that the car isn't ready yet and we will be going to pick it up on Tuesday (but seriously, does Toyota really want to mess with someone with my social clout?  I don't think so.)
Actually, very secretly, I was okay with this development, because that meant there was time to go get our Christmas tree!  Now, when we saw our future tree on the street, it looked like the perfect "apartment tree" (as some passerby old lady remarked.)   Yes, there was a little nagging voice in the back of my head saying "Carolyn, please listen to me, I think this tree may be rather large for your living room."   But I refused to listen because I wanted that big old tree.  30 minutes later,  our apartment was suddenly dwarfed by CHRISTMAS TREE.  She is a real beaut and the mister and I just finished decorating her.   It is the first time that either of us have had a real tree as adults.  I already seem to have succumbed to a horrible case of pregnancy stuffy nose in the last two weeks, so I figured how much more damage could a real tree do?  In fact, I can't even smell the tree, which means that my one super hero power of extreme sense of smell has been diminished.  Now I am just a regular person.  Very hard to come to terms with, but that's a story for another day.  Until then, hope all your trees are as grand as ours!
helllooo, big tree!
the mister very carefully strung the lights (while I supervised from the couch)
a little to the left, mister!
pure beauty
don't our ornaments look just lovely?  

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