Thursday, December 29, 2011


The mister and I had a great holiday even though pregnancy has been starting to get to me just a little bit.  We even managed to dress up two whole times, once for Alyssa's Christmas party and once for Christmas eve.  The in between outfits really aren't worth posting, believe me.  
At Alyssa's party in a non-maternity dress, that I got at H&M when we were in Spain on our honeymoon.  The bump made it just a little short but as long as I didn't bend over, it was all good.
 E & I in our formal pregnancy pose.  My Christmas Eve dress, from Bump in Brooklyn.  Totally expensive and the first three times I was supposed to wear it was foiled by nosebleeds, etc etc.  I almost thought I might never wear it at all (one of the dangers of buying maternity dresses in the third trimester!)

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