Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top Pregnancy Foods

Hi Cuties,
Ugh, I have been sick this week and barely eating but tonight my appetite finally came back and I ate SO MUCH. The mister made his famous chicken tortilla soup and now he is making us ice cream sundaes!  I am so full I can barely move.
In honor of my copious consumption, I thought it might be a good time to count down my top pregnancy food staples (I still won't call them cravings because to be honest, I haven't felt anything extreme enough to convince the mister to go on a midnight grocery run.  Sad, because I was so looking forward to that.) 
Anyway, without further ado, here are the foods I have not been able to live without:

10. ICE CREAM / FRENCH FRIES: calling these "pregnancy staples" is a bit of a stretch, since they've been Carolyn staples for years

9. CEREAL:  I eat breakfast now!  Fun.

8. APPLES:  I usually bring an apple to work with me.  Have been doing a good job eating fruit instead of buying it and throwing it away like the old days.  Sometimes I even manage to choke down a banana.  Yuck.

7. GINGER ALE:  Ginger ale is the best when you're pregnant.  Calms an upset stomach and is a nice alcohol substitute.

6. GRILLED CHEESE:  Grilled cheese is basically a turkey sandwich without the turkey.  What else can I do?

5. LEMONADE:  Pregnancy makes you SO THIRSTY.  And nothing quenches thirst like a nice tall glass of lemonade.

4. ITALIAN FOOD:  This is close to a craving as I've gotten.  I love, love, love italian food right now.  Lasagna, ravioli, you name it, I could eat it every night.

3. GRAPEFRUIT JUICE:  Every day now starts with a glass of juice.  Such a nice way to start the day - I might even continue this one post pregnancy.

2. PIZZA:  I have to give pizza it's own position, because I can't stop eating it.  The pizza guy by my office greets me with an amused smile each and every day.  It's a little embarrassing. And it's not even that good for you (or good for you at all?  Hmm.)

1. YOGURT:  I'm averaging about one to two yogurts a day.  Hope this one's at least good for the baby!

Note, none of these make up for the foods I've had to give up:  goat cheese, my daily turkey sandwich, bacon, sushi and alcohol.  Which list sounds better to you?


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