Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Humidifier Time

Today I had the most horrific nosebleed.  I know you don't want to know the details.  I know this because everyone at work kept giving me that "oversharing" look when I told them why I was late.  I only tell you, because there was one little bit funny part.  
I have been getting nosebleeds the past few months.  Apparently, it is a side effect of pregnancy and the dryness in this apartment does not help.  Anyway, it's been super annoying and today I had the mother of all nosebleeds right when I got up.  It got to the point where it was a little bit out of control and I started freaking out and called the mister into the bathroom in a state of panic to help me.  Man, this poor guy, he rushed in there so fast, I really think he expected to see a half-born baby.  It was very cute.
P.S., I have been reading up on emergency births just in case and it seems pretty easy so I'm sure we can handle it or one way or the other ;)

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