Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Passport

look at this mug shot.
We had to get little Charlie a passport this week.  We are taking a trip to St. Kitt's in less than two months.  Anyone who reads this blog knows that I'm big into the family vacations.  Well, this year my dad took it upon himself to assume that we wouldn't be attending, what with a new baby and all.  Guess again, dad.  Hells no, we're going! (Said a nine months pregnant and feeling left out me.) So now, we're going! And I'm excited. And scared.  I'm really, really scared.  Step one of "operation baby vacation" was to get a passport for little mr. charlie. Hopefully the remaining steps are easier because baby passport was not fun.  Both parents need to be present to get a baby passport, I guess to prevent baby snatching, so both the mister and I had to take the morning off of work (passport acceptance facilities, aka post offices, of course, only take appointments from 10 to 3.)  I won't bore you with the terrible, mundane details of the scramble to prepare all the proper documentation and get out of the house, but suffice to say by the time we made it to the post office, we were sweating, all three of us, some more substantially than others.  Despite the fact that I double checked, this particular passport acceptance facility did not take passport photos because the guy who knew how to work the camera WASN'T THERE so we had to walk a mile to the nearest Walgreens where, thank god, it wasn't too terrible to get Charlie to wake up and look at the camera without any trace of parent in the photo (hmm, but can you spot daddy's thumb?)  Guys, I am nervous about this vacation. These are the things I am worried about:

- We haven't exactly been traveling light lately.  This must change for a vacation involving air travel.  Must change.
- So about that plane.  Ugh, scared of total baby meltdown.
- And, um, little baby sunburn. It's concerning.
- Car seat situation.  Must figure out.

That's all.  Now that I listed it out, I feel a little better.  I mean, it's only four things.  Plus, this is what St. Kitt's looks like.


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