Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Super Mom - Part Two

I know my last post was a bit of a downer, but you'll be pleased to know this week is going slightly better.  Poor baby has a cold but we are surviving and mentally coping much better than the first time around.  House is kind of a huge disaster area, but one can't do everything, can one?  Hmm, or technically two but who's counting.  I did have this moment of super momdom on Saturday night.  I had to work from home on Saturday, and we went out for a quick dinner.  This picture shows me being an awesome multi-tasker because I am a) at dinner. at a restaurant.  holding my baby on my lap like it is NO BIG DEAL.  b) answering emails on my phone because I am that important and a VERY BIG DEAL.  Plus, the baby's smiling, so how cool am I?  Right? Right?  Now even though I am majorly jinxing myself and even though my little juggling act hasn't thus far been quite that inspiring, nobody can take this picture away from me.  Hooray.

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