Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brooklyn Saturday

We had the most lovely Saturday over here, the perfect kind of day in my opinion.  We slept in with the baby, had a picnic lunch in the park and then all dressed up for an early dinner out.  The mister and I even managed to watch a movie last night, no small feat in this house.  Today was nice too.  We spent the afternoon at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, but those photos are on my other camera, so more on that tomorrow.
The weekend was nice but it went by so fast and right now, I've come down with a pretty brutal case of the Sunday night blues.  I'm really tired and thinking about all the stuff that has to get done this week is making me just exhausted.  Plus, the baby keeps waking up crying and I'm fearful for the night ahead.  Wish me luck this week - everything always look scarier on a Sunday night so hopefully things will be looking up tomorrow.

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