Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bufala Negra

The mister loves whiskey (or scotch, or whatever it's called, who knows the difference,) so for Father's Day I decided to make him a special whiskey cocktail.  The mister loves a good whiskey cocktail and they don't always have them on cocktail lists at run-of-the-mill restaurants and bars.  Since the mister is a well-known whiskey (or scotch) drinker, he is always getting fancy bottles as gifts.  We have a lot of whiskey (or scotch, or bourbon, HA, what's that?) up in this apartment and I can't stand to watch him mix it with the gross-ass diet coke he makes with his soda stream for one second longer.  I decided on the Bufala Negra because, well, frankly, it didn't require another trip to the liquor store, yet required enough effort to still show the love.  It was actually pretty simple to make, yet special, and involved a shaker.  All you have to do is muddle some basil leaves with vinegar and simple syrup (a mix of sugar and water) and then mix in some scotch and ginger ale.  I don't know if it tastes good because all whiskey tastes bad in an extremely overpowering, metallic way to me, but the mister sure seemed to like it and requested an encore last night.  It was very Mad Men-esque, what with me making him a cocktail after a hard day at the office.  Of course, the difference being that by hard day at the office, I am referring to MY hard day at the office and not his, but bygones, tis the modern world.

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