Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

tell me that little baby doesn't look like Charlie!

Hi Cuties,
Hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day.  Charlie and I did our best to make it a special one for the mister.  We went to brunch in the neighborhood, sat out in the park, and then I made dinner.  Things started to derail a little bit at that point.  Charlie has been pretty fussy at night lately.  He hasn't been feeling well and he misses his swaddle, etc. etc., so long story short, he prefers being held to sleeping, which is making us both pretty tired during the day. By 5PM, right around when I should have started my master-chef meal, Charlie and I were fast asleep.  After nap time, I managed to get my second wind (by pretending to be on Top Chef but of course, master of the "slow fire"), and the mister and I enjoyed a Father's Day meal around 10PM.  
I am really hoping that Erik enjoyed his day because he is a great daddy, just as I always knew he would be, and Charlie loves him so much.  His little eyes light up whenever he hears daddy's voice and he frantically looks all around until he sees Erik at which point his face breaks into a huge grin.  I'd be jealous if it weren't so darn precious.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing these two guys together!

P.S. I was pretty pleased with obnoxiously proud of myself for the Father's Day gifts I got Erik (shirt with matching onesie and chocolate) but I somehow didn't manage to send my own dad a gift.  Sorry, dad!!!  I did find a perfect card for my dad after I had already sent him one.  I bought it anyway and went to put it away for next year only to discover I had done the same thing last year.  I'm not sure what that says about me but I'm pretty sure it's not good.

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