Monday, June 25, 2012

Bachelorette and Booty Shorts

Hi Cuties,
So tired, so tired.  I know I should be doing something productive (thank you cards, kill me) but I am sooo tired. Can't stop looking forward to the next time I can have iced coffee.  Addiction, check.  I moved the thank you cards to the table by my side of the couch, but there's no pen over here that I can see, soo...  Wanted to share these pics of Charlie from a couple of weeks ago when he and the mister visited me at work.  It was so weird to wheel his little stroller into my office.  He was so out of place and I was so convinced he was going to start crying and I was going to get in trouble.  But he was such a good little boy, even when all my coworkers swarmed around him.  Mommy's little helper.  The mister dressed him in his "Mom's Little Man" tie onesie and blazer for the occasion with his little shorts.  This made me smile because he had unintentionally dressed Charlie in the new spring uniform I've noticed some of the younger girls around the office rocking.  Booty shorts and a blazer.  I think maybe one girl wore it and it just kind of caught on and now it is just this inappropriate trend happening all over the place.  

Lest you think I'm really accomplishing nothing tonight, I want you to know that I am still the queen of multitasking because while I write this, I am also watching the The Bachelorette.  And not only am I watching The Bachelorette, I am also watching my mister trying not to watch The Bachelorette because he is so painfully embarrassed for what is happening to Doug on-screen as we speak.  I love watching Erik watch The Bachelor!  I wish you could all split screen his reactions to share in my enjoyment.

Oh well, Monday, I survived you!  And there's always tomorrow for the other stuff on the list.

P.S. Please just ignore my fat arm in these pictures.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Just, ew.  And also why did my arm get fatter after having a baby?  That doesn't even MAKE SENSE.


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