Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Party!

Hi Kids,
So last night our little trio of cuties threw a mini Oscars get together to celebrate the network debut of one of the commercials that my very own mister edited!  We don't usually actually sit through the whole ordeal and found it to be a bit boresville.   Seriously, was it just not the worst?  All the fakesy speeches and lame hosting, and well, I hated it.  Did you all check out the "Was James Franco Stoned?" article on Gawker today?  Too funny.  Apparently Anne Hathaway suffers from "theater kid."  Lyss and I just laughed and laughed at that one. All too familiar, my friends.  
We also were having some camera issues, so sorry if these pics were a bit blurry. I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you that my apartment looks a lot better in person (I think?).  We're still in the final stages of The Great Leak Cleanup of 2011 in my living room, plus the lighting certainly leaves something to be desired. Maybe next year we'll do it up right and invite some other people (or maybe we'll just skip the whole thing and take a nap, time will tell).
But let's let the pictures tell the story....

We were supposed to "dress up" so I decided to dress up like a cutie black swan.  Of course.  The mister took some pics as I practiced my dance moves.  I did it, momma.  I'm the swan queen!  Or something.
And my shoes are cute too!
Happy with my dancing accomplishments.  Settling in on red couch to wait for little Lyssie.
We set out the food, but where is my sister?  (Yes, we did eat all these.  And more.)
Three glasses of champagne punch, coming up!  But where's Alyssa?  Ding dong..
AAgh, oh no!  It's the black swan and she's trying to steal my part!  What else is new?
She dances without fear.  
Luckily she brought dessert!

Settling in for a long night!  Great commercial though, mister!  The highlight of the show, for sure.

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