Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday/Turkey Weekend

Hi Cuties,
This weekend was fun but quite a whirlwind!  Somehow we managed to host 43 people for Thanksgiving (we meaning my parents), create a massive birthday party weekend for my dad, and buy a new car (I won't comment on any work items but suffice to say there were also some work items.)
My dad's 60th birthday was the day before Thanksgiving and we'd been planning the celebration for a while (believe me, back and forth emails between 5 siblings, one husband, and one stepmom is not the most seamless way to party plan.)  The challenge was how to make the birthday feel special and not just like another Thanksgiving.  My dad loves his "to do" lists so on Wednesday at his kick-off birthday weekend dinner we presented him with his birthday "to do" list, comprised of mostly fun items, including turning Thanksgiving day into a family birthday party, a trip to the fish store to outfit him with all the fixings for a salt water tank, and a kid-hosted game night with all his friends.  I was a little worried that presenting the list at dinner would seem like a "fake" present (a la the ever popular coupon booklet,) and while I think it may have come across that way first, I hope that we ultimately pulled off a good weekend.
In the midst of all the partying our car window was rolled down and would not roll back up and that was pretty much it for me and the mister (and the car.)  Our '95 Toyota Camry has served us well, but ultimately, we could not bring ourselves to put another dime into this car.  And driving around with plastic on the window was also  Plus, there's the minor detail of safety for the baby.  That poor baby would catch a cold with the window permanently down!  So after driving all they way back to the city from PA yesterday, we took a trip over to the car dealership and bought ourselves a new car.  We are definitely psyched to be getting a new car but there is something sad about saying goodbye to an old car.  I can't believe we'll never see her again!  
All in all, a crazy weekend and I have a definite feeling it will kick off a crazy month.  So much happening this month and I am so excited for the holidays!

custom hats, check

birthday boy!

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