Monday, November 7, 2011

Making Decisions

check out the whistle

Hi Cuties,
It's meet the pediatrician time!  Working on my list of questions as we speak.  Everything is busy, busy, busy this month.  There's the whole baby thing, work is an absolute killer stress fest, plus Lyss and I are working on a very special project. 
I've noticed that we, okay I, have been pretty indecisive lately which is not good because we have so many decisions to make, from choosing a pediatrician, to a baby name, to a paint color for the wall.  Well, tonight is a big deal because we made a big decision!
And, we made a decision on... which stools we want for the kitchen (I hope you didn't think I was going to say baby name, please, months away).  And the winner is...
Stool from Restoration Hardware
Here's to hoping I don't regret this decision!

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