Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sonogram Today!

Hi Cuties,
Today, we had another sonogram!  It has been so long since we've seen the baby, and we were so nervous and excited.  The mister and I met for a quick lunch first and we were both pretty much just overflowing with excitement.  The excitement ebbed a little bit after waiting about 45 minutes in the BLAHest waiting room ever, but then we were in!  
It is always such a relief to see the little guy and today we got to see his little face and he opened his little mouth!  It was so cute.  Now, if you'll recall,  the reason we had to go back for another sonogram is because the doctor thought I might be ten days behind my due date.  After leaving my last appointment, I realized this assertion was a bit odd since I had a dating sonogram in the first trimester and first trimester sonograms are supposed to be the most accurate.  The fact that we had another sonogram scheduled perplexed my regular doctor as well (who told me, "don't worry until you have to." thanks, obviously you know me so well.).  Well, today, the technician was beyond befuddled as to why we were there!  Go figure.  The baby is 2 1/2 pounds, perfect for 28 weeks, so we are on track for a B Day of 2/19.  I can't believe how much growing he (and I) have left to do.
It's third trimester time.  Home stretch.  Wish me luck!

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