Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Subway Chronicles

Hi Cuties,
There was something in the air today when I dragged myself out of bed, an extra weight on my shoulders and around my rapidly expanding midsection and I thought today might just be it, the day I've been waiting for, the day I get a seat on the subway.  By the time I left the house I was feeling very pregnant-looking and it's not like I could zip up my coat or anything, so what was stopping someone from feeling sorry for the pregnant lady? Well, one thing that seems to be working against me is that everyone in this neighborhood seems to be either decrepitly old or more pregnant than me or already have a baby strapped to them. Take this morning when the person in front of me got up for the pregnant lady standing next to me.  So close I could taste it.

Then, on the way home, it happened.   Not getting a seat on the way home at night is a particular burn, especially when you take the C train.  After leaving work at 7:30 and, per usual, watching at least three E trains go by before a C finally comes rumbling, bumbling along,  yes, it was a real burn to see that all the seats were taken.  I'll tell you this much, I really did look pretty tired and pregnant tonight. No makeup, big circles under my eyes, and I was carrying a bunch of books and folders like a 30-something schoolgirl because I didn't bring a bag big enough to carry my work home.  So professional.  After two stops, a nice lady sitting to my left went out of her way to make eye contact with me and asked if I would like to sit down.  It was finally happening, all my dreams were coming true!  Now lest we get too excited I should probably point out that she didn't exactly get up but instead kind of slid over a teeny tiny bit so there was just enough room for me to squeeze in between her and the homeless man seated next to her.  Sometimes your first time isn't exactly how you picture it, but this is New York and the C train, so you take what you get, friends.  


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