Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hi Cuties,
Tonight, Lyss, Erik and I headed over to check out the new movie theater in Williamsburg,  Nitehawk Cinema.  It is such a cute fun place.  They serve themed food and drinks (just water for me, yay!)  right in the theater.  We saw Martha Marcy May Marlene and I won't ruin the ending for you (I'll let it ruin itself.)   I was rushing to get out of work and somehow got a horrific nosebleed right in the middle of trying to pack up my stuff.  I was such a mess when I got there but we can at least be thankful it was a dark theater.  
Baby Update:  Baby was kicking like crazy today.  Perhaps he is hungry since starting today I am eating healthier or "watching what I put in my mouth" as my doctor put it.  Fun.

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