Thursday, November 3, 2011

DC Day

Hi Cuties,
Today I was in DC for a business meeting and I got to hang out with my brother, James, for a little bit after!  It was so nice to see him because it had been forever since we'd spent some time together.   We went  to a restaurant called Sticky Rice which has the best food.  It is mostly Japanese cuisine but they randomly have an excellent tater tots appetizer.  They also have those kinds of giant sushi rolls that come with mayonnaise and cream cheese and fried things and have more calories than a whopper.   I had to skip the sushi but we managed to find a suitable, high calorie substitute.   We also had to skip the sake bombs this time, bummer.
After we ate, James walked me back to the train station and carried my very heavy bag for me.  All in all, a perfect evening.  
And now, I am exhausted.   All that traveling really wore me out.  I can't remember anymore if it is because I am pregnant or that's just how I am.  Guess we'll find out soon enough ;)


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