Sunday, November 6, 2011

Scenes From the Weekend

The mister and I had a lovely weekend, just the two of us.  I cherish the rare weekends we get to spend at home in Brooklyn together and it makes me excited for when it will be just the three of us!  Saturday we spent the day in the city shopping for counter stools for the new apartment and looking at baby stuff, followed by a movie (something we've heard we'll never ever do once we have kids, blah blah blah. Hunger Games comes out this Spring, and this baby won't keep me away.)  Erik and I have been searching for counter stools for about two months now and I think we are in the final stages, stay tuned.
The other thing we did this weekend is go dress shopping for an upcoming wedding we have. Now wasn't that just the funnest?  I wish I hadn't spent any time imagining what a cute pregnant me might look like at a wedding, because the real pregnant me is not feeling so cute and may or may not have been on the verge of tears at the end of that little shopping expedition.  And cute maternity dresses are not quite as easy to come by as I'd imagined either (but they are quite pricey.)  In the end, I got a couple of options, neither of which I'm in love with, but I guess that's what accessories are for!
Now we are just kicking back with some TV and chili and gearing up for the week ahead - should be a busy one.

Even my loose dresses are getting tight!
Buy Buy Baby on the weekend, what a fantastic idea!  We are strongly considering one of these crib/changing table numbers.  I'm pushing for white.
How styling would I be with this winter stroller?   And my hands would be so very warm! 
Giant deer for nursery, check.  Actually, what I really want is the giant elephant, but it was decided it is impractical.  Only $900 at ABC Carpet & Home, the furniture store for urbanites making significantly more money than we do.
Chili made by the mister to celebrate a Jets win!  The perfect Sunday afternoon!

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