Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daycare Blues

Today has been kind of killer, I'm not going to lie.  Charlie hasn't exactly mastered the art of sleeping, so please consider that a heavy veil of exhaustion hangs over all the little tests we face throughout the day.  Today we went to look at the daycare where we are leaving Charlie when I get back to work.  We hadn't been since I was pregnant so went in to sign the contract and introduce the daycare providers to Charlie.  Erik could only stay for a few minutes so he left while I was reviewing paperwork with the woman who runs the daycare, Celina.  Charlie started fussing in his stroller and Celina picked him up and next thing you know he had pooped all over her.  Now, we've had a few accidents here, within the confines of our apartment, but nothing major, and this was MAJOR.  There was poop everywhere, all over him and definitely all over her.  It was like he wasn't even wearing a diaper.  Now I know that you are supposed to carry a change of clothes in the diaper bag and I have been, at first.  But somehow we must have gotten a bit lazy about it (maybe it's one of those things that you really need to be burned by to adopt whole-heartedly.)  So, of course, I didn't have a change of clothes for him.  While Celina went to change her outfit, I tried to change Charlie who let out the biggest (and today's only) smile when I set him down on the changing table.  Once I started trying to navigate his squirmy body out of a poop covered onesie that smile quickly disappeared.  Since I couldn't bring him home naked, we had to borrow some clothes from the daycare.  So there's that.  That little gem of an experience, just a lowlight in a day of lowlights, let me assure you.  The good news is everyone at the daycare reacted quite well and even better thought it was kind of funny.  Thank god, or we would be back to square one.  Even still, I am dreading the day when I have to leave my little baby, and am terrified of trying to balance work and being a mom.  I know, I know that millions of women do it everyday, but when I think back to what our jobs were like before Charlie, it still feels like it will be very challenging. Here's to making it work, and with smiles on both of our faces...

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