Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Feaster 2012

Hi Cuties,
We had the most delightful Easter weekend, hope you all did as well.   Charlie has been struggling with his cold for two weeks and it seems like a dose of Grandpop was all he needed to put him on the mend.  This kid was an absolute angel the whole weekend.  Smiling, cooing, staring wide-eyed at everyone, not crying, it was a real treat!  He sure knows how to turn on the charm for company.  The mister and I had a great time hanging out with my family and it was great to get some help.  We also put together a killer Easter basket for Charlie with lots of toys that only a two month old could love.  We may have gone just a little crazy in Target but, aagh, it was his first Easter, so exciting!  
Missing the weekend already and wish we could spend more time with our family.  I wish we could have six people to help with Charlie all the time.  It takes a village, people.  

aunt lyss got to spend a lot of quality time with Charlie and even took care of him one night so we could get some rest! 

Grandpop bought Charlie a new bouncy seat, with a ton of flashing lights and music. Charlie was up in 'da club all weekend and LOVED it.  He is missing that monkey seat big time. 

This little lamb reminds me of my little lamb, I'm not sure why.  But every time I look at it my heart melts.

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