Thursday, April 26, 2012

Scenes from the Week

Beginning of week.  Charlie only calm when in sling.  Note, unmade bed.

Made a serious effort to not order dinners this week.  I'm not sure if you can call making a salad, "cooking," but if you can, I did!
Dance party USA!  Charlie loves to dance.
Lyss and I went out to dinner to celebrate her new job.  She is much happier about it than she looks.
Charlie's Converse socks courtesy of my cousins.
We finally got new sheets.  And I washed them.  Aaaand I put them on the bed. La di da.

This week has been a week of ups and downs.  Charlie started out the week very fussily but made a recovery at some point yesterday and gave mommy some smiles and fun dance moves.  Charlie loves to dance to random songs on my ipod and it is the cutest thing ever! Ever. Breastfeeding as usual has its good and bad points.  While it is a "sure thing" soother, I've realized Charlie has a VERY difficult time stopping eating.  He doesn't want to stop.  And then when he does stop, he is calm for a only a few minutes before he is frantically searching around for the next snack.  I was all like "WHAT is wrong with this kid?," until I realized I am the same way. Once I start eating I don't want to stop either which is why it is so difficult being home.  I have a sandwich for lunch and then I am all up in the pita chips 20 minutes later.  Always the pita chips.  This weekend, I very cleverly volunteered to do the grocery shopping and purposely did NOT buy pita chips.  And then the mister went out for a little bit later in the day and came home with a new bag. "Surprise, you forgot the pita chips!" Anyway, I think Charlie and I are both our own worst enemy.  Or maybe I'm both of our worst enemy.  Or something.  All I know is without the boob factor, my motherhood experience would have been completely different so far. It will be very interesting to see how he does in daycare.  I really think he'll do well not having my breasts to distract him all day long.  Me and my breasts will have to go and be distracting somewhere else.  
Today was the definite high of the week so far.  I washed the sheets AND I made dinner.  I just might finally be getting my homemaker shit together right as this maternity leave is winding down.  There will be not sheet washing once I'm back at work, no sirree.

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