Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DeKalb Market

On Sunday, we had friends in town so we decided to check out the new Dekalb Market in Fort Greene.  It was really cool, a totally different vibe than the Brooklyn Flea, maybe because the masses have yet to discover it.  Their was a great assortment of vendors (many of them Etsy vendors) selling really cute stuff.  I'm not particularly into the standard flea market. I think I've mentioned before but it just feels like shopping in the basement and my fear of becoming a hoarder takes over any desire to shop.  Dekalb market had a dj and tons of good food and adult beverages, plus lots of seating, and their vendors seemed to be very carefully selected (quality over quantity).  Hoping to head back this weekend with Lyss to spend a little more time there.

the shops are made of old shipping crates.  so clever!
plenty of stroller room

cutest bathing suit shop EVER.  thinking about getting this suit as a little motivation for the summer.

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