Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Losing Baby Weight

As is Easter tradition, Lyss and I took advantage of the sunshine for a little photo shoot.  Hard to believe how much has changed since last year.  I thought I looked pretty cute until I revisited last year's photos.  Boo, having a baby takes its toll.  I'm feeling relatively inspired to get back into pre-baby shape over here.  My mind wants me to really make a go of it right now but being home all day isn't very conducive to non-eating plus nursing has made me RAVENOUS while providing an excuse to eat anything and everything in sight.  Not a good combination.  The only solution that is helping is to not have anything in sight at all which makes me pretty cranky and provokes me to do things like scavenge through the bottom of my suitcase for old jelly beans.  I thought nursing was supposed to burn thousands of extra calories a day.  Hmm, if that's happening I am in big trouble when I stop.  Anyway, maybe I should try to make myself accountable some way, like on the blog, or I don't know, blah who cares, I just want to stop wearing leggings.

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