Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Baby's Attention

Hi Cuties,
How cute are these little finger puppets that our friends Susie and John brought us when they came to visit last weekend?  (although I'll admit the mouse fell out onto the couch when I picked up the baby's blanket the other night and I almost had a heart attack.) The mister and I were especially excited because we are constantly on the lookout for cute and fun ways to entertain a BABY. I'll clue you in on a little secret.  Babies are hard to entertain, at least ours is.  Charlie can get pretty fussy (unless we have company, then he is on his best behavior:) and when he's not crying it can be challenging to engage his attention.  He seems much more content to stare at the pictures on the wall or suck on his hands.  This has led to Erik and I coming up with fun names, accents, and complicated back stories for all of Charlie's stuffed animals in a desperate attempt to entertain him and ourselves.  You know when an actor is given just one line and tries to really understand the complexity of their "character" and it is kind of sad to watch?  That is Erik and I with our new "friends" around the apartment, including a deranged stuffed chick (actually one of those blanket/stuffed animals that only a baby could love) we've named Mr. Chickers.  Funny?  Yes.  Funny to anyone but us? no.  Entertaining to Charlie?  Not quite yet. (also see Charlie's twitter account, @littlemrcharlie with its vast following.)

But, Charlie turned a whopping two months old this week and the two month mark has brought some exciting new milestones.  He is much more focused on mommy's face and has started initiating little conversations throughout the day.  He seems as happy to talk to his mobile as me but I think our conversations are more intellectually stimulating for him.  Slightly.  An example of a Charlie conversation goes something like this:  
Mommy:  What does Charlie have to say today?? (in extremely exaggerated baby voice)  
Charlie:  gaaah  
Mommy:  Really?  Is that right Charlie? Is that right?  
Charlie:   gaaaah, grunt, hint of smile.
I can't tell you how thrilling these conversations are for me and I'm not even being sarcastic.  I can tell he is really into them too.  He seems so pleased with himself when he gets something out.  And if he gets too overexcited he opens his mouth so wide and you can just tell he is trying to "squeal in delight" at any moment and I LOVE it.  

Now, I'm not going to lie, the first two months have brought a lot of challenges, usually accompanied by tears all around, but as of yesterday's  2 month doctor's appointment, the mister and I have decided to take back the night.  We are attempting to limit any nighttime feedings to one in the early morning.  The doctor told us Charlie can go 8 hours without eating at night, and we could really, really use the sleep.  Until now we have been "spoiling the baby" as the books say, but I'm ready to take back a little control.  Charlie doesn't seem particularly happy being spoiled anyway and I think a little bit of structure is just what the doctor ordered.  

Lots of luck to us!


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