Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Hey Cuties,
The weekend goes by too fast!  Actually, the days are going by too fast!  Three weeks left until I go back to work, plus we are "easing" Charlie into daycare, so our mommy/Charlie days are really numbered.  Saturday turned out to be a great day.  The weather held out and the mister really wanted to bring Charlie into the city in his baby carrier.  This seemed like a dangerous idea to me, considering that the only thing less predictable than Charlie's day to day behavior is the weekend subway schedule.  But maybe I need to have a little more faith because everything was fine.  We grabbed a quick empanada lunch and then checked out a few stores with Alyssa in an attempt to dress the new post-baby me.  Once we made it back to Brooklyn we took a walk and sat outside for an early dinner.  Days like Saturday make me think we can handle anything, that we can still maintain some semblance of our former lives even with a baby.  
Days like Sunday, not so much.  It was rainy here and Charlie woke up super fussy, a mood that he stubbornly held onto for the entire day.  We took a drive to visit some friends and then picked up Alyssa for Sunday dinner, with nary a smile but plenty of wails from the little one.  The good news is I think that we are adjusting to the fussiness.  It is less crushing than it once was, as long as we can get a smile or two thrown in the mix.  And today, spirits are up again.  
This week, the plan is to soak up as much baby time as I can.  And... to really start getting serious about getting this body back into shape.  

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