Friday, April 13, 2012

Scenes from the Day

Charlie and I walked over to the park for lunch. 
too tired for tummy time today.
oops, and then he spit up all over himself and the blanket.  that's why it's called supervised tummy time.
mesmerized by the gorgeous views out the window.
we bought some flowers on the way home.
lots of cozy naps today.  who knows what tonight will bring.

Hi Cuties,
The days around here are flying by.  I can't believe it is already Friday.  This weekend the mister and I are interviewing a potential nanny and getting lunch with some friends that are visiting Brooklyn.  Charlie does something new every day and we love showing him off.  Evening is his fussy time though, so I can barely string a sentence together at the moment.  Hope you all enjoy the weekend.

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