Thursday, April 5, 2012

Embracing Baby Wearing

Charlie and I have been testing out his new sling and I have to say, so far we LOVE it.  As long as I don't stop moving, he's happy, which I suppose is the point.  It really does feel like being pregnant again so I can only imagine it feels similar for him.  Plus, it forces me to be active and covers my belly fat, so it is a win win across the board!  In true shopaholic fashion, I think I'll order one in every color.  Seriously.  Our is a lulu wrap and while, it is quite simple (don't let the twelve step instructions throw you off) it works really well.  (look at all the colors! 
Today we are doing laundry in preparation for a weekend trip to my parents' house for Easter, so the sling has been a lifesaver.  I am so excited for the weekend and I think it will feel so weird to walk into my dad's house with a baby.  Granted, it's not the house I grew up in which would be even stranger, but being home with Charlie will be a totally different dynamic.  
Poor Charlie has had a cold all week and it is killing us.  He is so tiny and every cough is like a knife in my heart.  Hopefully, all this time attached to mommy will make him feel better in time for tomorrow's car ride!


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