Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grandpop Daycare

Hi Cuties,
Things are looking up around here.  Am feeling much better tonight (despite the fact that the neighbors and their dogs and their bikes and their VACUUMS couldn't be any louder right now in the stairwell outside Charlie's room. Why are they vacuuming in the stairwell, you ask?  I don't know either.)  
Today my dad came to take care of Charlie for day 4 of Charlie's 10-day daycare closure.  The mister and I immediately reverted to childlike behavior ourselves as soon as he got here, tripping over each other to be the one to brief him in on everything Charlie.  I guess it's nice to be an expert.  "Let me, let me, let me just tell him this one thing," Erik kept saying.  I filled my dad's head with relevant advice that only a mother could give, things like, "You probably don't wan't to take him outside if it looks like rain," and "If he yawns, it means he's tired." The day was by all accounts (well by one account, my dad's) a wonderful success, and he even sent me this picture to prove it.  Looks like someone might be angling for a permanent manny job!

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