Monday, July 2, 2012

Around Here

My guys sent me flowers at work, last week, just because!  How sweet is that?!

Charlie can no longer be left alone even for a second, unless you want him to end up half off his blanket with a burp cloth over his face!

Sweet sleepy baby!

Naked baby!

Little man went on his first swing ride at Grammy's house on Saturday!  And somebody's cousin got just a wee little bit jealous.

Heat waves with a baby are no fun.  Charlie had to break out his upper arms.

Charlie met Erik's great aunt and uncle this weekend and then met a TON more of Erik's friends.  He was such a little trooper!

Pretty flowers from E's mom's garden.  They remind me of my wedding centerpieces!

Sleepy baby, party two.

Daddy and Charlie decided to go all matchy matchy for some July 4 festivities.

Hi Cuties,
Things have been happening around here, big time.  Just in the last week, Charlie has grown leaps and bounds.  He rolled over!  All of a sudden it just happened, and now he can't stop, and everything feels like it is moving SO FAST.  The one thing he's not doing so well is sleeping and I really don't want to let him cry it out.  Come on, Charlito, you can do it!!
This week is a short week (hooray!) and I need it. Work is great, don't get me wrong, but could use a chance to catch my breath and cuddle with my baby.

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