Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Time in the City

The parents trying to play with Charlie and his favorite dog/blanket.  They are about to realize that Charlie's favorite way to "play" is to stick as many things in his mouth as possible, all at once!

Hi Cuties,
Hope everyone is enjoying 4th of July week!  I had a few days off so finally caught up on a few thing over here. Or nothing, depends on how you look at it.  Really depends on if you count Dance Moms as a thing.  We spent the 4th with my parents out in Pennsylvania and they were just loving themselves some Charlie.  It's been nice to have a few days off but this weekend is going to be pretty quiet since it is supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow! Not optimal baby weather, so we're just going to hang at home, do some laundry, write some thank you cards (Ha), ya know, GET STUFF DONE.  Top of my list is figuring out what exactly we are going to need to get this babe to the Caribbean for a week.  Also, I am amping up my style quotient over here.  I guess I've been looking pretty tired lately (I can't imagine why,) so I think I need to step it up a bit, maybe do my hair, try some foundation. Who knows, girls?  Get ready for some cute pics. 
PS. If you write something down it becomes true! Right?

Update:  Yes, I meant "Hot Child in the City."  I don't know why I always get the name of this song wrong, because, wait for it, it was the number one song on the day I was born.  Cool, right?

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