Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

wake up, daddy!

hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog!

backyard brunch. 

5 months old!

homemade iced coffee

someone made a new friend!

an exhausting weekend.

Hi Cuties,
This weekend was another lovely Brooklyn weekend, with lots of quality family time.  This week should be very interesting since Charlie's daycare is closed both this week and next and we are going to have lots of very generous helpers.  Tomorrow Erik is taking the babe to Long Island for a couple of days and I hope that I can handle it!  There is definitely a margarita in my future tomorrow night.  
Anyway, without further adieu, the weekend high points (per our one week tradition):

Weekend High Points
1.  The mister and I watched not one, but two movies this weekend, despite Time Warner's best attempts to thwart us.  This is a big deal for us, and the second one, Friends with Kids, I found quite enjoyable (go figure.)
2. Yesterday we had a wonderful brunch with Alyssa and her boyfriend Steven at the mister's most favorite restaurant, Walter Foods.  So yummy.  And then we bought some very cool stuff for the baby.
3.  The mister made me my very own iced coffee at home.  I was quite skeptical at first (where's my straw?) but it was just DELICIOUS.
4.  We had a lovely lunch with Erik's cousin and her boyfriend today.  So nice to see them because we never do even though we both live in Brooklyn.  And Charlie was on his best behavior!
5.  Tonight my sweet little baby was so cute.  He guzzled his bottle and held it by himself the whole time and then even though he wasn't super sleepy he cuddled up against me and only squirmed the slightest bit so he could gaze into my eyes while he settled down for the night. So sweet and a very big accomplishment for the squirmiest baby on the block.

Weekly Goals
1.  Enjoy the moment.  An expansion on being present, I just want to enjoy this week and be happy in the moment.  No worrying, no stress.
2.  I think I need a more specific food goal, so am going to focus on healthy dinners this week.  PS. My one piece bathing suits arrived and while I think they are pretty cute, I still felt like a total mom when I tried them on and I think the mister was secretly horrified.  So, back to the drawing board.
3.  Keep Charlie to one "wake up" a night.  This kid seriously needs to stay on his current sleep schedule.   No backsliding!


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