Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend (Non)Wanderings

Note, these pictures tell a really cute story but the reality is Charlie thought his pool was NO BIG DEAL, and really just cares about his favorite pastimes, eating his hands and grabbing things.

Hey Cuties,
I can't believe this is day five of a five day weekend.  How can it be over so quickly? The mister and I were just lamenting at how little we accomplished despite spending the last two days holed up in the apartment due to the extreme heat.  Unless you count online shopping as an accomplishment.  In that case, consider me accomplished. 
Anyway, have been kicking around a new Sunday feature on the blog in which we review the weekend highlights and prep for the week ahead with some goals to curb the ever-looming Sunday night panic. I'm not committing to this so don't get too excited.  We'll see.
Anyway, without further ado.

Weekend High Points
1. Hmm, what did we even do this weekend? Okay, iced coffee and cookies for breakfast on Saturday morning.  Vegan cookies, nonetheless, so healthy!
2.  Dinner with friends at the most amazing place in our neighborhood, Umi Nom.  Love, love, love.  And our friends are expecting a little babe of their own so turn to us for advice. Also LOVE.
3.  Frap, frap, frappuccino!
4.  Taking Charlie for a little backyard dip in his very own baby pool purchased by moi at Target.
5. A delicious Sunday dinner made by the mister.  Salmon on the grill and watermelon feta salad.  How refreshing!

Weekly Goals
1.  Be present.  Not so easy when I am just getting used to cramming so much in one little day, but if I'm not present, than what am I doing?  So, basically this is about email checking.  No checking emails on my phone while doing something else.  Simple.  Enjoy the moment.
2.  Spot clean.  Charlie is becoming a wee bit more mobile, though not nearly as mobile as he'd like to be. Combine this with the fact that I am shedding hair like a fiend and just, ew.  I think if Charlie is going to start crawling, I'd like to become a neat freak now.  Hmm, these goals are starting to seem rather, ahem, ambitious. Next thing you know I'll be promising to write thank you notes. 
3.  Be mindful of extra calories.  The goal is to just seriously think about what I'm eating and make smart choices, consistently.

I'm not going to say anything about doing my makeup and being cute, blah blah blah, I have loftier goals.  


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