Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Days of St. Valentine

The mister and I managed to escape for a lovely Valentine's Day date on Monday. We hit up a favorite local restaurant where we enjoyed a five course meal.  The mister loves this particular restaurant because they know us, no easy feat in this city.  He would eat every meal there if he could just for the "hello, sir, how are you doing tonight?" we get when we walk in the door (or slight nod in our direction, whatever you wanna call it.)  If you've been following the blog, you'll know I don't do food photos at restaurants, so let's just say it was a delicious meal and leave it at that.
After dinner, we came home and I got my present...truffles!  Apparently, truffles are very very delicate.  They only live for ten days in a 65 degree climate.  And, there is a very special method for eating them.
First, you look at the truffle.  Second, you lick the top of it.  A truffle is to be eaten in two bites.  You take one bite and savor the exciting rush of flavor. Then you take a second bite and really start to enjoy the complexities.  Then, wait...where the hell did my truffle go?  Gone already?  And I have to share these with the mister?  
Hope everyone had a love-filled day!
On second thought, I do take food photos, but only when the food is in it's natural environment, my couch.  All these truffles in ten days!  Whatever will we do?? As you can see we already ate two of them before we even took the picture.

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