Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Days

Hi Cuties,
Hope everyone had a lovely week.  Mine was pretty good.  Poor little Lyss was sick, so I guess hers wasn't as great.  

This week, I ....
  • had a wonderful Valentine's day, and ate 5 truffles.
  • was verrrry productive at work.
  • had a margarita with my little sissy.  (Alcohol kill sickness. That is absolutely true. Not sure what she'd do if I weren't here in Brooklyn to take care of her and give her guidance.)
  • saw the Justin Bieber movie.
The mister and I are very happy to be spending a quiet weekend in Brooklyn, just hanging out. Right now, we're watching the PDA episode of The Office, which is just making us laugh and laugh.  The Office is so funny again these last few episodes.

Enjoy the weekend!


Erik bought me a bagel.  Yes, that is the couch in the background.
The alternate background was the leak wall which is still not fixed.
If anyone was wondering.

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