Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey Cuties,
Lyss and I had a pretty fun weekend.  We went out for a sister night on the town on Saturday night (yes, it was a mess that ended with a late night pop chip and ice cream binge) and Sunday we went out to NJ to spend Superbowl Sunday with our friends Mike and Alison and their two super cute kids.  We were all a little bummed about the Jets, but good food and friends helped to ease the pain.

Monday, on the other hand, was a pretty harsh crash back into reality.  My mister and I have both been working a lot lately, and I feel like I barely see him!  Plus, what started out as a little drip in our apartment has turned into a full-fledged tearing down of walls and ceiling construction project, with no end in sight.  We are even contemplating moving into a hotel for the week, but the idea of packing up all our stuff and trekking back into the city after a long day of work is oh so not appealing.  Guess it's just one of those weeks...

Check out some pics from Superbowl Sunday below...
We finally brought the kids their Christmas presents.  Well, the scotch was for Mike.  His birthday was Saturday.

We bought the kids a toy sushi set, because, well, who doesn't want that?  Lyss showed them how it's done.

I watched, because playing's not my thang.

Doll was chilling in the sushi box for a little while.

Alison gifted us with some cool gloves, but Alyssa took the gray pair which were the ones I wanted.  No fair.

That's my mister.  He was hoping to have his face be a big mystery on this blog, as a cute gimmick.  Too bad nothing is original in the blogosphere, mister!  Love your face.

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