Saturday, February 5, 2011

These Cute Boots...Home Bound

So, last weekend I traveled home to PA to see the rents, enjoy some rest and relaxation, eat, drink and shop.  A weekend away from the city does a girl good.  First things first, I hit up the thrift store.  I always love the thrill of a good find. Especially one that costs me $2.00.  Check out some of the goods I came back with...
Black and Cream Short-sleeved Sweater 
Nautical Sweater
Cute Heather Sweatshirt
Ditsy Spring Crop Top
Sheer Navy and White Striped Sweater
Black and White Gingham Dress Shirt
In addition to clothes, I thought I'd get some things to decorate my apartment.  I picked up some old frames to paint and some crocheted flowers for a splash of color.
Sooo cute!

painted and sanded for a rustic feel
Alright Cuties, that's it for now!  Back to crafting away on this rainy day!  Hope tomorrow brings and heat...and summer...and maybe some tropical cocktails.  :)

P.S. Cutie Step-Mom Mags wanted to show of her new tennis bracelet!  Gotta love her!


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