Saturday, February 12, 2011

Girls Night Out

Hey there Cuties,   
    So, the other night C and I decided we were in great need of a girl's night out.  It started out as a nice low key night at our favorite wine bar in Brooklyn.  We met at the bar and ordered one, two, maybe three glasses of a not so yummy wine recommended by our waitress.  We also munched on the bars famous croutons (which are actually just little chopped up pieces of garlic bread yummm.)
C waiting patiently for her wine
bag o' croutons and glass o' wine = yay
 Next stop...Sushi and Sapporos.  The restaurant was playing depressing love songs so, we decided it'd be best to order the big Sapporos.  Duh.

action shot

Luckily, do to my extreme photography skills, you can see how things started to look afffter we consumed our size large Saproros:)

This is where the photos of our girls night out end.  However, the fun didn't end here.  We continued on to our favorite whiskey bar where we engaged in some competitive shuffle board and danced to some 80s classics.  There's nothing like grooving to "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis to get ya in the mood for Valentine's Day.  Eventually we made it home...girls night out accomplished.

Be in touch soon.


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