Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brooklyn Saturday

Us cuties had a lovely day Saturday, just hanging out in Brooklyn.  I really love sticking around our little neighborhood on the weekend. There is so much to do here and even though I've lived here for almost 8 (!) years, it's having my hubby and my sister under one zip code that really makes it feel like home.  After a busy week, it's nice to just slow things down a bit and enjoy the day.  After a delicious brunch, we did a little shopping, and then walked over to the water.
Tonight we'll be hunkering down to enjoy the Oscars.  Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  It went too fast.
Lyss opted for bellinis over coffee at brunch, so we needed a quick caffeine fix after.
There's the lady and her coffee.  Yes, she did spill it all over herself.
We saw this creepy cutie on the street.  Reminds me of someone I know.
I bought myself some presents, including this necklace.  Lyss doesn't like so much but I think it's great.
On to the waterfront!
Jumping on the tramp...mister wants in on the action.

We left Lyss hanging there!  Hope she made it home!

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