Friday, February 11, 2011

Dead Owls

This week has been a little weird.  February started out with my mister putting in some major hours at work.  Fine, we can deal with this.  But then.... I got put on a few new projects at work too and now I'm logging some serious after hours as well. Let me tell you kids, there's nothing sadder than dragging yourself home from work at 10 PM only to discover that there is nobody home to feel sorry for you because your mister is working until midnight!  Poor me. It's a regular pity party up in here.  
Well, there is one sadder thing.  Our little weekend leak has since turned into a big problem and smells of toxic fumes.  When I do get home, I am relegated to the bedroom and the bedroom DVR for fear of dying from noxious mold poison if I spend too many minutes in our wall-less living room.  The only thing to watch on the bedroom DVR is Teen Mom and American Idol (Teen Mom, yay!  Love ya, Kieffer! American Idol, boo! So over you! Except for you J Lo, you're prettier than ever!)  Me, Kieffer, some Ellios, and a glass of wine makes for one sad not so bad hour to myself before bedtime.
My friend Karen gifted us with the cutest little pair of owls for our wedding (they live on top of the better-program-options-but-works-like-shit DVR in the living room.)  Well, yesterday I came home from work and, well, I don't know how else to say it, but it appears our little owls were overcome by the wall fumes.  What does this mean?  
Hoping mister doesn't have to work Saturday so we can keep our Atlantic City plans for the weekend, and head to where the air is clean and smells only of sweet booze and cigarettes.  
Before...cute owls.  Mr. and Mrs. C&E.
Toxic wall invasion.  Jealous of my phat digs?  I thought so.
And after. :( No joke, this is what they looked like when I walked in.

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