Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pocono Escape

Hey Cuties,
This past weekend, a friend from work was kind enough to host a few of us in her gorgeous house in the Poconos.  It really made me want a house in the Poconos too (surprise)! Having just gotten married there over the summer, I thought I had a pretty good idea of all the Poconos had to offer, but somehow in our wedding planning trips, we managed to miss a lot of the beauty of the actual mountain.  Unfortunately, the mister had to work the whole weekend so he's still missing out on the beauty (luckily he has me).  We arrived late on Friday night and the view of the snow covered mountain, lit up with ski trails, was serene and beautiful (no pictures, don't worry, why would I take pictures?).   And we hit up the cutest, quaintest little restaurants and shops the whole weekend long.  I can't wait to go back with my mister to show him all my new finds.  I am so happy that we will always have this place to return to when we want to remember one of the happiest days of our lives.  Check out the pics below.
Bye, NYC!  You suck!  And your snow is dirty!

We stopped at Friendly's on the way and I got a sundae :)

Then we stopped at Shop Rite and Sean got his favorite mac n' cheese topping that he puts on EVERYTHING.  Since they don't sell it in NYC, he bought every single one!
Snowy and beautiful.  This is what clean snow looks like.
How cute is this house?
And how cute are these guys?
We ate a lot of ziti!
And we saw deer!  In the backyard!
Apparently, Alyssa went shopping this weekend and bought lots of new clothes.  But I scored a dope red Adidas watch at the PA outlets and it was on sale!

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